He was a very tough warrior and the captain-coach of larrikins. Chang was the greatest rugby league player I've ever seen…He didn't have a weak link—he amazed all who played with or against him.

John Sattler, South Sydney and Australian Captain.


Graeme 'Changa' Langlands is without doubt one of the most talented rugby league players of all time. In his long awaited biography, LARRIKIN AND SAINT, Graeme's story is told from the early days in Wollongong to the triumphant tours of the 60s and 70s. Langlands was part of the record breaking St George team that won an unprecedented 11 premierships in a row. He played alongside and against some of the greatest players ever and recounts all of the unforgettable moments in his footballing career, recalling a time when rugby league was a religion to its legion of fans.

One of rugby league's 'Immortals', Langlands has been described as the complete footballer—a fast record-breaking fullback, with an incredible sidestep. He was a superb on-the-field tactician, skilled enough to play havoc with opposing teams, an inspiring captain, a shrewd coach. He was worshipped by his fans and respected by all those who played with and against him.

The book contains the highlights and the lowlights of a career that spanned three decades and includes the 'white boots' incident and what really happened to them, the horror 1967 Kangaroo tour and the captain coach years at St George. It is full of reminiscences from some of the best known names in the game including Johnny Raper, Reg Gasnier, Johnny King, Billy Smith, Norm Provan, Arthur Beetson, Bob McCarthy, John Sattler, Bob Fulton, ,Jack Gibson and journalists such as Ian Heads and Mike Gibson.

LARRIKIN AND SAINT captures an era in Australian rugby league history when the game was played with the four-tackle rule, no replacements were allowed and the players were 'looked after' by their clubs.


Reviewed by Ray Chesterton

The Daily Telegraph July 7, 2001

Graeme 'Chang' Langlands was the best rugby league player of the past five decades. He could run, pass, tackle and kick and was impervious to pain. He was first among equals at a time when the quality of competition, domestic and international was much fiercer. A well-told tale with a lot of direct commentary from Langlands as well as tributes from legends in the game to his genius. Reticent and largely shy among strangers, it is the first insight into how a rugby league legend evolved.


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