Being there, cheering with the others, crowing, 'The ref got it right,' or groaning when the opposition scores and howling down the ref for his bias, makes you part of something special.

You pack into your home ground, marking out your territory, therešs the thrill of anticipation, the thrum of excitement, the ear shattering roar when your team runs out of the dressing room onto the sacred ground for a crucial match.

For atmosphere there's nothing like it. You can see the whole field. You hold your breath as you see the pattern emerging in the next couple of tackles and realise what the players are trying to achieve.

‘A magnificent tribute to the game.’
is what Colin Love, Chairman, Australian Rugby League says about

Ozzy League: An Inside View

Unlike the other football codes, rugby league allows players - and fans - to succeed at a number of levels. 'Ozzy League' reminds us all - through the thoughts of the players themselves - that in rugby league you can play for a NRL club, play State of Origin, and if you are really fortunate, achieve the honour of selection in the Kangaroos. Attainment of each of those levels is an achievement to be proud of, and one that provides personal and team rewards.

Of interest to those wanting to be involved in other aspects of the game, are sections that look at the life of rugby league photographers, commentators, coaching staff and others.

'Ozzy League' is a great manual for the game, and the stories by some of the greatest players in the game give the reader a true insight to the heart and soul of rugby league.

'Ozzy League' can be read for both enjoyment, and if you are a young footballer - encouragement and inspiration.

If you want to get into rugby league - get 'Ozzy League'!

40% of all direct sales will be given to support junior rugby league

Rugby League Immortal Graeme 'Changa' Langlands has turned his hand from football to writing in Ozzy League: An Inside View

Langlands, the last of Australia's captain-coaches and champion fullback for St George in the glory days of the 1960s and 70s, uses his wide-ranging knowledge and unrivalled access to the most influential people in the game to provide a behind the scenes look at the game he knows so intimately. Teaming up with Helen Elward, his biographer and co-author, he delivers a fascinating and entertaining read.


AOzzy League retails for $24.95 and is available at major bookstores and from this website


Geoff Carr with co-authors Helen Elward and Graeme Langlands